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Innovating blockchain privacy and compliance

Explore SurferMonkey's tech

Built-in Interoperability. Experience the next evolution with Web3 Browser - seamlessly and anonymously interact across blockchains. From Polygon to Arbitrum, initiate actions without revealing your origin or destination. It's true anonymous interoperability, powered by rapid 2-second ZKP generation, complete obfuscation of blockchain pathways, and effortless dApp integration without backend changes

Universal ZKMixer

Unlock the potential of our Universal zkMixer, a multi-chain agnostic ZKP technology. This innovative solution delivers anonymous, agnostic transactions that are fully compliant with law regulators, setting a new industry standard for privacy.

Decentralized Anonymous Compliance Technology (DACT-V2)

Experience the revolutionary privacy and compliance capabilities enabled by our DACT-v2 Messaging Protocol. Its unique design allows for seamless integration with any existing ecosystems and unparalleled security. EPFL DACT-v1

Universal Plugin

The Universal Plugin is a dApp integrated with SurferMonkey, deployed on all supported blockchains. It bridges asset value, forwards calls to any Smart Contract, and enables cross-blockchain execution while ensuring anonymity and compliance. This facilitates compatibility with any dApp, enabling seamless, anonymous, and compliant blockchain interactions.

Instant Integration: Widget

The SurferMonkey infrastructure allows for effortless integration via the front-end, minimizing complexity for developers and reducing the potential for code and security errors. This simple front-end integration, facilitated through a widget that calls our Universal Plugins, eliminates the need for back-end changes and Smart Contract integrations. As a result, any existing dApp on any blockchain can be anonymized, streamlining the user journey through our Universal zkMixer 


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