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Blockchain privacy and compliance

dApp integration via Front End
Abstract Waves

Web3 Anonymity 

Add instant anonymity to existing dApps running on any blockchain


The Premier Privacy Protocol with Integrated Financial Regulator Oversight

Universal Compatibility

​Seamless anonymization for all ecosystems via front-end

Image by Milad Fakurian

Institutional Ecosystem

Industry Ecosystem

Experience the next evolution with DarkWeb3.0 - seamlessly and anonymously interact across blockchains. From Polygon to Arbitrum, initiate actions without revealing your origin or destination. It's true anonymous interoperability, powered by rapid 2-second ZKP generation, complete obfuscation of blockchain pathways, and effortless dApp integration without backend changes

Anonymous interoperability

Source and Target blockchain are obfuscated

Instant DarkWeb3.0 anonymity for any dApp: No integration required.

A pathway for compliant agnostic crypto-mixers

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